lunedì 17 settembre 2007

El Mito de la Revolución Masónica

(The myth about the masonic revolution)
The Second Book of "El Factor Masónico, la historia paralela"

The French Masonry provoked a dilemma between tradition and reason. Is Masonry an initiation school inherited of the ancient mysteries or a secret political society that has influenced the course of the history? This essay has the clues to understand the contradiction, the duality between esoterism and power, the hidden and silenced conspiracy of the history of Masonry. After “El otro imperio cristiano” (The other Christian Empire), the new and long awaited second book of the 3-books-serial about the world of Masonry arrives in the book stores. The book “The myth about the masonic revolution”, describes the historical process of modern masonry from its beginnings and its internal conflicts. It tackles the controversy between reason and tradition and about the history of the organization, such as its implications in the politic of the 18th and 19th century. Its most controversial fact in history is the fight to gain power between two masonries: the esoteric-religious, the rational-agnostic and atheist. The serial: “El factor masónico: la historia paralela” The French Masonry was the most powerful and mysterious secret society of the western world. The masonry didn’t depend on the ups and downs in history. On the contrary, these ups and downs supported the rise of Masonry. The 3-books-serial “El factor masonico: la historia paralela” (Masonry: The parallel history) by Eduardo Callaey, edited by Nowtilus, narrated in 4 volumes, describes the history of this mysterious organisation that’s essentially for the culture of today. But to understand the “Masonry” it needs, next to historical knowledge, also information and explanations about the roots and the consolidation of Masonry since 1000 years ago. This serial “EL FACTOR MASONICO: LA HISTORIA PARALELA” tries to clear up the secret history of the French Masonry.

The author Eduardo Callaey. He is an historian, journalist, argentine scriptwriter, member of the Argentinean Masonry and is chairman of the big counsel of the organization. He published several books about this topic, and now he is preparing the third volume of a four book serial “El factor masónico” (The masonry factor) with “El otro imperio cristiano” (The Other Christian Empire) as the first of this serial and “The French revolution and Masonry” being the second.

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